The extended abstract should be original work performed by the authors, and please clearly state your contributions compared with previous works.
This document should be in English, and its main body, starting with the abstract and ending with the conclusions MUST be less than 5 (five) pages long.
You are required to submit references as part of the extended abstract, and the references section can be as long as you need and may put the total extended abstract over the five-page limit.
Use at least 10 pt font (12 pt is preferred), single-column, double-spacing, and 1" margins.
The review process is double-blind and the authors are required NOT to include any
indentifying information in the submittes extended abstracts.

A single PDF file with maximum size of 2 MB is needed for upload.

You can download a template for preparing your Extended abstract here.

You can upload your Extended abstract in PDF format (without affiliations, max. 5 pages) using submission link.
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