Wei Zhao

Sungrow Power Supply Ltd



PV and Storage Depth Fusion for RE100



The realization of 100% renewable energy application is the ultimate goal of the energy revolution and an effective means to solve the problem of climate change. With the increasing penetration of PV system, the application of energy storage system will be more and more common. The PV&storage system may become the basic load of the future power grid. Based on the development of PV and energy storage inverter, the optimization design, high efficiency, robustness, economy and grid friendliness of PV&storage system are discussed in this report.



Dr. Wei Zhao received power electronics and electric drive technology Phd degree at HeFei University of Technology in 2003. He was in the auspices of a number of national Ministry of science and technology "Tenth Five Year Plan", "Eleventh Five Year Plan", "863 Plan" and other major science and technology projects, and won the Anhui province science and Technology Progress Award and prize. In 2003, he joined Sungrow Power Supply Ltd, and now is the group's senior vice president, in charge of the Central Research Institute of Sungrow.