Xuzhu Dong

China Southern Power Grid



Impact of distributed generation on CSG power grids



In last decade distributed generation (DG) develops rapidly in China Southern Power Grid (CSG) service territory, CSG takes a lot of measures, including policy, management, and techniques, to actively cope with integration of various distributed generation. This presentation will introduce status and prospect of DG development in CSG, especially addressing distributed photovoltaic (PV) and small hydro power generation. DG impact on power systems will then be analyzed in details, including power grid planning, load forecast, integration and acceptance requirements, feeder voltage violation issues, reliability impact, protection and control, policy and tariff, environmental issue, and etc. In the end CSG R&D and demonstration related to DG integration will be shared, for example, integrated energy internet and microgrids.



Dr Xuzhu Dong was born in Shaanxi, China. He received his first PhD in high voltage engineering from Tsinghua University in 1998, and the second PhD in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech in 2002. He is Deputy Chief Engineer of CSG EPRI. He was Director of Smart Grid Institute at CSG EPRI. Before joined CSG in 2010, he worked with Progress Energy, FirstEnergy, and EPRI solutions in USA, as senior engineer, stuff engineer, and lead engineer. His research interests were smart grids and power equipment asset management. He is involved into several key smart grid demonstration projects at CSG. Dr. Dong is senior member of IEEE, and member of CIGRE.