FiNAL Paper 

Step I:  Final Manuscript Preparation

  1. Please carefully improve your manuscript according to the comments from reviewers, and follow the IEEE conference paper template in the form of Microsoft Word or LaTex exactly.
  2. Moreover, please put a copyright notice on the bottom left of the first page as indicated in the template, and the detail of the copyright is listed as below.     
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is: 978-1-7281-2455-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 Crown
  • For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: 978-1-7281-2455-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 European Union
  • For all other papers the copyright notice is: 978-1-7281-2455-1/19/$31.00 ©2019 IEEE

Step II: IEEE PDF eXpress

Once the final manuscript is ready to submit, authors must create a PDF file according to the IEEE PDF eXpress. All submissions must be IEEE Explore compliant and the only way to insure this is to use IEEE PDF eXpress.

First-time users should do the following:

1) Select the "New Users - Click Here".

2) Enter the following:

- 46622X for the Conference ID
- your email address
- a password

3) Continue to enter information as prompted.

An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above procedures, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.

Step III: Author Registration

One of the authors for the final paper is needed to complete the registration, where please present the Paper ID to associate this paper with the registration, and a Registration ID will be created after completing the registration procedure. The detail of the registration can be found at here.

Step IV: Final Paper Submission

Please go to the paper submission system and follow the submission procecure to submit the PDF file created, and the Registration ID associated with this paper will be required. Meanwhile, during the submission procedure, the copyright will be transfered via the IEEE electronic Copyright Form.


Important Notes

  1. In order to have your paper published to the IEEE Xplore library, it is required that you ATTEND the conference AND present your paper. If you do not attend for any reason, your paper will be excluded from IEEE Xplore. This policy applies equally to oral and poster presentations.
  2. Your final paper in PDF format with IEEE Explore compliant must be submitted no later than May 3rd, 2019 23:59 CST at paper submission system. Your paper must comply with the specifications listed in above guides for authors. Due to publication deadlines, no time extensions will be granted.
  3. Your final paper will be submitted for plagiarism checking to the IEEE Crosscheck system. Papers found to contain plagiarized material will not be accepted for publication.