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The topics of PEDG 2016 are organized into three tracks. Technical papers are sought on the following topics:

Track 1: Power Electronics in Distribution Systems

a. Wind farms, PV farms, wave energy systems, co-generation

b. Ac vs. dc distribution, smartgrid, micro/nano-grid

c. Power devices, inverters, power quality, control

d. Highly efficient power conversion for DG and renewable power systems

Track 2: Power Electronics for Sustainable Sources

a. PV, wind, CHP, wave, fuel cells, others

b. Power components, dc-dc & dc-ac converters

c. Control, communication and monitoring of renewable energy systems

Track 3: Power Electronics for Energy Storage Systems (stationary and mobile)

a. Batteries, ultracapacitors, fuel cells, hybrid storage

b. Bidirectional dc-dc converters, charge controllers

c. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle applications